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Cherry Blossom in Palace Gardens Terrace

OK, if you ever wondered or hoped what Heaven would look like, try Palace Gardens Terrace for the cherry blossom. If you are lucky enough to see this on a wonderfully clear blue sky day, with the blossom over hanging the road, and framing these large beautiful white houses, then count yourself lucky. It only lasts for about five days…. towards the end of April each year. If you missed it this year, make a note for next…..


Marie Curie Swimathon Completed!

Amazing! I can’t believe it, but we (my sister Alice and nephew, Oliver) managed to do the 2.5km swim on Saturday evening. Competing against trained corporate swimmers I nervously dipped my toe into ‘my lane’.  I shared it with an enthusiastic ‘proper looking swimmer’ who declared he hadn’t been able to train for two weeks, and the last timing he’d had was 1 hour 13 minutes.  I blanched.  This could be interesting since I’d guestimated my time of completion as about 3 hours on the entry form.  And that was assuming I did actually complete it.

However, having got into the ‘zone’ (one learns jargon very quickly), my heart stopped racing and I managed all 100 lengths. My goggles filled with water so I couldn’t see a thing, relying on the hope I was swimming in a straight line, and that everyone else in the pool didn’t have the same goggle affliction.

After 1 hour and 14 minutes I finished.

Legs shaking.

So the total raised so far for Marie Curie is £720 – way more than I’d ever imagined I’d get, so THANK YOU SO EVERYONE who gave so generously for this cause.

And no I won’t be doing it again.  (For the record I was thoroughly beaten: Oliver managed it in 1 hour 6 minutes and Alice in 1 hour 9 minutes). To find out more about the Swimathon click here


Swimming 2.5 km for Marie Curie April 17

A little bit nervous today.  What started off somewhat blithely on a dark Sunday evening in January, talking to my sister, has now turned into reality.  Swimming 2.5 km really does seem rather a long way now.  However as I trawl or crawl my way, up and down the length of the pool, I will have plenty of time to think about life.  I’m afraid there’s no image to accompany this posting, although one local photographer, Mark Brummell was quite insistent I would get more sponsorship with an accompanying shot of me in a costume.  I disagree strongly.  I think it would have quite the opposite effect.


The Kensington Magazine & The Milestone Hotel “Meet Your Neighbour” Event April 15

This was our fourth “Meet your Neighbour” event held at the prestigious Milestone Hotel.  And what an evening it was!  About 50 people from all around Kensington enjoyed copious amounts of champagne and canapes, had a lovely time getting to know each other and many contacts were made.  Andrew Pike the General Manager said he was delighted to work in collaboration with the Magazine and as a result it had bought in local custom to the hotel.  As a testament to this, the Editor and her fiance will be holding their wedding reception there in December, and another local lady will be holding her 40th there in June.  Many other residents are now enjoying dinners and tea there…. a great hotel, not at all stuffy, truly professional, and they really know how to lay on a party.  Already we’ve had loads of emails and phone calls from residents saying how much they enjoyed the evening.

Springtime in Kensington April 13

Kensington in springtime looks positively glorious.

The white stuccato fronted houses, the cherry blossom out, tulips and daffodils brightening up parks, gardens, squares, roof gardens and window boxes.

After such a long winter I feel Kensingtonians are finally coming out of hibernation.