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Aston Martin Owners Club 75th Anniversary Spring Concours D’Etat Blenheim Palace Sunday 23 May

Amazing day out if you love Aston Martins – old or new (I personally prefer the really old, 1930s ones). Held at Blenheim Palace, AM celebrated its 75th anniversary by getting together more AMs than ever before. In prime position overlooking the lake were the pre-war AMs and in another prime position, in the Great Court in front of the Palace were the Bristols (the visitor cars), the £1M One-77, and around the grounds could be spied the new Rapide, the DB9 Volante, and the V12 Vantage Coupe.
A flypast was done by Caroline Grace in her husbands spitfire, over the lake. She learnt to fly and then learned how to fly acrobatics.. amazing. Not really into cars, I’m now hooked….


Elephants in Kensington

One morning this week in Kensington, residents awoke to find elephants had  invaded their streets.  Not African or Indian Elephants but fibreglass hand painted elephants by famous artists.  As part of the Elephant Parade London 2010 largest outdoor event on record, about 250 elephants graced the streets of London to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered Asian Elephant.  Charity Elephant Family www.elephantfamily.org will be selling these by auction in July.  They hope to raise £1M for elephant conservation.   You can’t miss these beautiful elephants and they certainly add interest to our monotone London streets.