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Willoughby Wynne

We were very sad to hear the news of the recent death of Willoughby on Saturday 22 January. Willoughby was a great character around Kensington. He enjoyed company and was well known (and appreciated) for his social skills. He chaired the Cherry Trees Association for many years, insisting on walking around Kensington with all the invitations, (usually on the afternoon of the party), and refused to use stamps even when given to him! He had a dry sense of humour and was a complete gentleman. Sadly when his beloved wife, Carys died, his spirit was crushed although he tried to keep on. He will be remembered very fondly by those who knew him.

Update on the Post Office (next to the Odeon) in Kensington High St.

At the Council’s instigation, a meeting was held with the Post Office Network Ltd. and members of the council so residents had an opportunity to find out the current situation with respect to the closure of the post office. The existing post office will shut on 19th March, and will re-open on March 28th in the former site of the Barclays Bank on the corner of Phillimore Gardens and High St. Kensington – about 100 metres diagonally across the road.

There will be counters, and self service stations to aid speed of access to service, as well as specific counters for insurance and financial purposes. The building has been purchased on a ten year lease, so for that period of time at least residents can count on having a post office at that end of W8. Residents asked if it might be possible for a number system to be put in place, particularly as that aided the elderly residents who could sit down whilst waiting. Richard Barker, representing the Post Office Network agreed he would try and arrange for chairs to be available, and confirmed that everything was being done to assist in a more speedy service than was provided at present. In addition, should you be out when a parcel is delivered, you should be able to pick it up from here, rather than anywhere else in Kensington (far away!)