Abingdon Road Jubilee Street Party

With no rain drops in sight, just jolly bunting, excited children and smoky burgers, some 1,800 local residents enjoyed a one-off Jubilee Party in the Abingdon Road. Supported by Strutt & Parker and W8 Catering, organisers Jenny Botsford, Sarah Pascall, Councillor James Husband, Christina Munday, and Kate Greenwood put on a wonderful evening. A real party atmosphere with everyone declaring how wonderful it was (and somewhat wishing we could celebrate rather more often than the occasion lends itself to).
In some ways this was a re-enactment of the Golden Jubilee Party held ten years ago with1,000 residents. How things have changed. This time we had internet, facebook and twitter to alert the neighbours. We had young children dressed as the Queen, in her regal outfit, her country outfit or her garden party look. Prizes were awarded to three youngsters (sporting the above given look) by the Mayor of RBKC, Councillor Christopher Buckmaster and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Lady Borwick and the Mayoress, Ann Hobson.  Such a shame we have to wait another ten years for an excuse for such a right-royal knees up.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine

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