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Chocolate Extravaganza at The Royal Garden Hotel

Last night saw 15 very excited children of all ages, learning about chocolate, how to decorate Easter Eggs, and prepare truffles (elegantly) as presents to mothers for Mother’s Day.  Chefs Steve, Nick and Tracy took turns to explain how everything was done, the importance of heat, how to make chocolate cigarettes, fancy flower designs and the purpose of ‘temporing’.  Having indulged in a very chocolate-y milk shake and with their newly acquired skills they donned special (tiny) Royal Garden ‘Chef for the Day’ aprons and set to.  The results were mixed.  However, it is only fair to say every child tried very hard and each was delighted with their (varying) results.  Chocolate was everywhere and a good deal was eaten.  Decorated eggs were then carefully placed in large bags and truffles (sets of 12) were delicately placed in gold presentation boxes (complete with chocolate handprints) for Sunday.  The children then moved on to the main dining room to experience (more) chocolate, beautifully presented by the waitering staff.  The other diners in the restaurant looked rather bemused at a formal table of 15 whose vocal abilities had suddenly declined into muted silence, appreciating yet more chcolate with no mums saying ‘that’s enough now, no more’.

Images and copyright:  Lucy M Elliott/Lucy Elliott Photography

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The Kensington Magazine’s (new) Corporate Video Shoot

On a fine Friday morning with the first signs of spring we went to the Milestone Hotel to shoot our new corporate video.  Shot by Ian Gibbons of Panvista Productions, my career in acting commenced.  We started with a ‘look straight to the camera’ approach, but my acting abilities are limited. Catherine from The Milestone, clearly more adept at acting than myself, joined us to give a client’s perspective. Fresh from her role on the about-to-be-on TV programme (to be shown on 28th March) she was able to ‘look into the camera’ with great effectiveness.  On Ian’s advice we then re-shot my part, as though ‘in conversation’ with Catherine which made it much easier.  Ian, being incredibly thorough, had us acting out conversations, meetings, contracts and sipping tea and coffee, just to ensure he had a balance of what The Kensington Magazine is all about.  We then moved to film our offices in Dryland based in Kensington High St.   The video should be out in the next couple of weeks.

Many thanks to both the Milestone Hotel for allowing us to film in this beautiful hotel and to Ian for his dedication to making, what we hope, is a tremendous video encapsulating all aspects of The Kensington Magazine.

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