HRH Prince Michael of Kent switches on the Christmas Lights at The Milestone Hotel

At the invitation of Mrs Beatrice Tollman, President and Founder of Red Carnation Hotels, HRH Prince Michael of Kent attended a reception at the Milestone Hotel together with The Mayor and Mayoress of Kensington & Chelsea and local residents for the annual ‘Switching on the Christmas Lights’.  Before the Prince arrived, we were instructed as to the etiquette of how to address him.  One or two children enquired as to whether they should bow or courtesy.  Having decided a ‘slight bow’ was in order, two children were delighted they could courtesy since they had just been taught how to at school.  The Prince arrived and amiably chatted to everyone present.  Children were duly introduced and all remembered the salient points of etiquette with the exception of one little girl who was so excited she bounced up to him and said ‘hello’.  The Prince then departed, with the children continuing their slight bows and courtesies.  A great evening.

Image and copyright:  Phil Conrad



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