Childhood friends meet up in Edwardes Square after 70 years….

A fascinating coincidence took place following the publication of the book “London’s Hidden Jewel” by The Edwardes Square History Group this month. Sir John Sainty, a delightful gentleman who grew up in Edwardes Square, contacted Carrie Thomas from the Group after reading the book in a Dental waiting room in the Earls’ Court Road. He told her that he had played in Edwardes Square as a child and had fond memories of the pony and garden roller featured in one article. He was also delighted to share a picture of himself (aged 3) and his since deceased friend Peter Lawson (aged 5) sitting on the pony, taken in the Spring of 1938. Following this event, we met Carrie Thomas, Sir John Sainty and David Lawson, brother of Peter Lawson and the head gardener, David Magson in Edwardes Square to recreate the image. The two, now elderly gentlemen, were happy to pose next to the restored garden roller which would have been pulled by the famous pony all those years ago. In a lovely reminiscent moment, the gentlemen who left Edwardes Square in 1939/40, affirmed that finding this book and returning to the exact same place where the picture was taken over 70 years ago was “fate”, (although they both admitted they could not actually remember the pony or indeed posing for photographs!)

Text: Isere Lloyd-Davis
Images: With thanks to Sir John Sainty and www.lucyelliottphotography.com


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  1. Helen Barcay-Lind Says:

    Hello. My name is Helen and 50 years ago as a child I lived in Kensington Close with my family across the street from Edwardes Square and we were fortunate to have access to the private garden. I spent many hours gamboling about — I even learned to ride my bike there and caught many a blue bottle fly along the wall below the wrought iron gate. I attended Allendale Day School and honestly thought I was British until much to my dismay we returned to the US and I realized to my regret that I was actually an American (I still often wish it weren’t so :-) .

    My daughter and I are planning a trip to London in late July of this year but too late for the Open Garden Squares Weekend. I am inquiring about obtaining access to Edwardes Square so that I may share some of my fondest memories with my daughter. Would you know how I might go about being granted access to what I have always called “my garden”?

    Thank you for your time. I greatly look forward to our visit.

    Helen Barcay-Lind

  2. admin Says:

    Dear Helen,

    I am sorry not to have responded earlier – in eight years yours is the first response to our blog pages that is not spam! I do not know if you are still in England, but I hope so. If you would like to email me on editor@thekensingtonmagazine.com I will try and put you in touch with someone who might be able to help, Best wishes, Lucy

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