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Banter and anecdotes with David Attenborough and Alastair Fothergill, in the presence on HRH The Princess Royal @ The Royal Geographical Society

On behalf of the Whitely Fund for Nature held at the Royal Geographical Society in the presence of HRH The Princess Royal, Alastair Fothergill (Wildlife Film Producer) and David Attenborough engaged in light hearted banter about their experiences of working together over some 30 years on some of the greatest natural history programmes ever shown, including Planet Earth and Frozen Planet.

Although lasting only an hour ‘in conversation’, it was filled with anecdotes and film clips, whilst the 700 strong audience audibly held their breath. Scenes of destruction: chimpanzees (showing distinctly humanistic tendencies to team work) hunting down monkeys to feast upon; weeds choking their host for energy and food to dominate foliage; and fish with scarily enormous teeth – all filmed so cinematically and with such dramatic accompanying music one realised where Dr Who producers had taken their inspiration. Children and adults alike sat transfixed – after all David is The Wildlife Man (probably of the planet) – and, despite his soft voice, still conveys a sense of urgency for us to recognise our responsibility to the planet.

During the Q&A session, David admitted it would be hard to choose one favourite animal, although he admits to being keen on Birds of Paradise, but explained it is the ecosystems which we must focus our conservation energy. Of all the ecosystems, he felt the ocean was the most important.

The event was held to raise funds and awareness for the Whitely Fund for Nature which is a small NGO whose mission is to support local experts in the conservation of wildlife across the globe. Individuals who apply for funding go through a rigorous selection process. Many recipients of past awards have now become experts in their respective fields.  Lady Catherine Faulkes, a Trustee, spoke of one finalist who several years ago was awarded funding for the rarely seen Snow Leopard. He is now the world’s expert on this subject, despite having only seen a Snow Leopard three times in his life (and to boot, the same one!) This example illustrates the total devotion of those involved.

The strength of this tiny but effective NGO is the high calibre of Patron and Trustees (HRH The Princess Royal is Patron and David Attenborough is a Trustee); a small in-house team of staff, and (particularly important from a Development perspective), using local experts with local knowledge to entrust the safekeeping and conservation of our planet for future generations. More importantly grants are not given on a one-off basis but for long term conservation projects.

This was an excellently presented, engaging and natural ‘conversation’, which in years to come will no doubt inspire a new generation of Attenboroughs’, Fothergill’s or even Dr Who producers. A real treat.




Charity Cricket Match in Chelsea: Flannels 4 Heroes

The setting of Burton Court, Chelsea has to be one of the most quintessentially British venues for a cricket match in the whole of the UK. Founded by Tim Brocklehurst and Mowbray Jackson, Flannels4Heroes is a charity cricket match raising funds to benefit the armed forces charities dedicated to the rehabilitation (both physical and mental) of wounded soldiers.  Being supported at this event were Walking With The Wounded, Combat Stress and the One Course Foundation.
Four teams,  Milbank Malaprops, Herrick Warriers, Bootrack Belts and Cadbury Cavaliers battled it out with typical British grace and humour.
Amongst those playing were Ibi Ali, Jaco Van Gass and Guy Disney – all of whom are currently in training to take part in a ‘race’ to the South Pole later this year.

copyright and images: Lucy Elliott/Lucy Elliott Photography
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Local Restauranteur raises money for a Portable CT Scanner

Local restuaranteur Patrick Taco of Chez Patrick in the Stratford Road, together with the Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Cllr. Christopher Buckmaster and Mayoress, Anne Hobson joined friends and residents of Kensington to raise money for a portable CT Scanner. Bob Corp-Reader, OBE and Trustee of the Metropolitan Masonic Charity gave a moving speech and the total raised that night was £1385.00. The Masonic Lodge Charity has previously raised funds of £2M which purchased a CyberKnife for St Bart’s Hospital.
If you would like to donate, please do so via: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/charity-web/finalCharityHomepage.action?uniqueVmgCharityUrl+TheMetropolotianMasonicCharity
Patrick, a London Freemason has been recognised for his charitable contribution by the Metropolitan Grand Master who honoured him for his services.  Well done to all concerned, especially to the staff of Chez Patrick whose salary went towards the charity that night.

Anne Hobson, Patrick, Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Cllr. Christopher Buckmaster and Brian Sylvester, the Toast Master.

Image & Copyright:  Lucy Elliott/Lucy Elliott Photography

Sir Trevor Macdonald charms local residents at a Charity Event in Kensington

Sir Trevor Maconald recently opened the ‘Curtain’s Up’ Charity Event in Kensington.  Delighting residents he happily posed with them and spent time chatting with actors and stallholders alike.  Actors from Bad Girls, Casualty, Sharpe, Coronation Street and others all took part in this event, raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society and SANDS (Stillborn and Neonatal Death Charity).  Sir Trevor gave a moving speech, and later in the day Susan Hampshire drew the raffle.  Refreshments were prepared by Master Chef Semi-Finalist Julia Gray.  The event was an opportunity for actors to donate their collectables with stalls offering handbags, crafts, jewellery and clothes.  The event raised £900 for the Alzheimer’s Society and £400 for SANDS.  Congratulations to the organisers and those who took part in the day’s event.





Mayor Launches ‘Magic Wand Appeal’ to help Brain Tumour Research Campaign

The Mayor’s Charitable Appeal this year is for the ‘Magic Wand Appeal’. No The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Cllr Christopher Buckmaster is not looking for fairies or princesses but rather residents of Kensington & Chelsea who feel strongly enough to give to the Brain Tumour Research Campaign to raise funds for research and £250,000 to fund a SonoWand; a vital piece of state-of-the art neuro navigational system enabling surgeons to operate on the brain tumour more accurately and thus giving patients a higher chance of survival.

At a press launch today, the Mayor together with Wendy Fulcher (who established the Brain Tumour Research Campaign) and Mr Kevin O’Neill (consultant Neurosurgeon at Charing Cross) explained how this money was desperately needed to provide another machine at Imperial College’s Charing Cross Hospital. Over 2500 people in London have brain tumours and would hugely benefit from the kind of surgery offered by the SonaWand and which is safer than previous methods of surgery. The rate of brain cancer is increasing by an enormous 2% each year, yet less than 2% of national research funds go to brain tumour research or treatment.

The Mayor and Mayoress will be holding various events throughout the Borough until the end of his Mayoral term, from dinner parties to dog shows, from carol concerts and Beauty Days to lunch with Sebastian Faulks – all to raise funds and awareness about brain tumours which is the commonest cause of cancer death in children under fifteen, and is the second fastest growing cause of cancer death in adults over 65.

If you would like to support The Magic Wand Appeal, please see www.wayahead-btrc.org/ways-to-donate or call 020 8601 2402. If you are a UK tax payer, the charity can benefit from a further 25% Gift Aid.

To find out more about the forthcoming events please see www.rbkc.org.uk/mayor/charityevents

Images and copyright:  Lucy Elliott, www.lucyelliottphotography.com



Flannels4Heroes: Celebrity Chelsea Charity Cricket Match

Players, players friends and players friends of friends enjoyed a quintessientially English sort of day, watching cricket safe from the undercover of the Pavillion or the Marquee with intermiscent torrential rain or bright sunlight, sipping champagne or downing Pimms. The event sponsored by Kent & Curwen and supported by, amongst many, S J D Events, was the brainchild of Tim Brocklehurst, Mowbray Jackson and Eliza Cockerell. Monies from this years event is still being counted, but last year from tickets, the silent auction and auction (with some amazing prize) raised an incredible 150,000 pounds divided between Help for Heroes, Walking with the Wounded and Combat Stress – all charities involved in assisting those who have left the army and need help with facing life in ‘civvy street’ – physically or mentally.

Players  included Ben Goldsmith, Ed Parker (co-founder of Walking with the Wounded), Ed Smith (former England player), Isa Guhu (the only female player, whose 10 year career included a World Cup win in 2009), Tristan Gemmill (actor, Holby City), Jaco Van Gass (Wounded in Afghanistan and took part in HRH Prince Harry’s trip to the Pole, and this year attempted Mount Everest but had to turn back due to weather conditions), Min Patel (former Kent and England spinner) and Michael Vaughan (considered one of the best batsmen in the world following the 2002/2003 Ashes series).

A quintessential day at Burton Court in Chelsea but one which we hope raised enormous sums for these three charities, whose members having given limb or mind for their country, need our help.

Images and copyright:  Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine

www.thekensingtonmagazine.com    www.flannels4heroes.co.uk

www.walkingwiththewounded.org.uk   www.helpforheroes.org.uk    www.combatstress.org.uk


The Draycott Nursing & Care 15th Anniversary Party at The Orangery, Holland Park

Angela Hamlin, MD and founder of Draycott Nursing & Care celebrated her 15th Anniversary with a wonderful party at The Orangery in Holland Park. Blessed by a fantastic summer’s evening, guests were treated to cocktails, champagne and never ending canapes as well as inegenious poetry – made up on the spot and relevant to any three words (nouns, verbs or adjectives) you cared to chose. Characteristically generous of Angela, she chose to use the occasion as a means of raising awareness of Canine Partners, a wonderful (and very small charity) which helps disabled people lead a full and active life by training dogs to assist them in everyday situations. We watched as dogs picked up ventolin inhalers and five pence pieces from the floor, took washing out of the machine and helped undress someone. Equally generous were some of the guests with a total of £9,495.00 being raised on the night through raffle tickets and on the spur of the moment auction of some of the raffle prizes. The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Councillor Christopher Buckmaster was in attendance with the Mayoress, Ann Hobson. We wish Angela and her team every success for the next fifteen years.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine

http://www.thekensingtonmagazine.com/  www.draycottnursing.co.uk   www.caninepartners.org.uk 


HRH The Princess Royal meets Young Offenders in North Kensington

Young offenders and Royalty are not the two types of people likely to be getting to know each other over a cup of tea… Well, today the two came together as Princess Anne, known for her charitable work, made a public appearance at the unveiling of her plaque at the ‘Young Offenders Team’ centre in Oxford Gardens, W11. The centre aims to show the young offenders the repercussions by forms of community ‘Payback’ such as community service and to also bring young offenders to talk to the victims of their crimes, to see the affect of their crime and the wider picture. Speaking to a young ex-offender named TJ, earlier convicted of robbery, whose response to the question of what he would be doing without the Youth Offenders Team was “if YOT wasn’t around I would probably be in prison”. Instead he was doing well with football. I’d say that’s a quite a bleak outlook to have and if this kind of centre can change someone’s prospects from behind bars to being on a football pitch then shouldn’t there be more of them and more high profile individuals like The Princess showing their support to them? Does seem like it.

The type of ‘Payback’ the young person must do is decided by a panel of volunteers from the community. Dawn, a panel member in her second year of studying Youth Justice said the role was about “getting to know the person”. Additionally, Nicky Gunter, Preventions Manager described it was that both victim and offender should be given “the chance to be heard” and maybe all that is needed for young offenders is for someone to listen to them to show that not everyone expects them to go down the same path over and over again.

After speaking to many of the victims of crimes and offenders involved at the centre, the Princess made a short speech at the unveiling of the plaque where she acknowledged that the Centre had “set an example of which one or two would like to follow”.

Text by: Hannah Mckellar-Ricketts (on work experience with The Kensington Magazine)
Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine

Images: Left to right:

Top: HRH The Princess Royal, Patron of the Restorative Justice Council with Betty McDonald Head of Service; HRH Princess Royal.

Centre:  Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Councillor Julie Mills with ‘TJ’, Mr Graham Robb, Restorative Council Justice Trustee

Third line: Julie Mills; Grace Fredricks, Reparation Co-ordinator at the Youth Offending Service with Community Police Carlos Husbands and Helen Tilbury



HRH The Duchess of Cornwall visits Trinity Hospice Charity Shops in Kensington Church Street, W8

The Duchess of Cornwall visiting Trinity Hospice caused great excitement amongst the staff and volunteers. Clothes for sale were arranged and re-arranged, the floor swept, hoovered and swept again. Now they were ready.

At precisely 6.00 p.m a chauffeur driven car arrived flanked by motorcycles. Accompanied by Protection Officers she entered the Trinity House Book Shop, managed by Paul Claxton. Immediately it became very clear that she has two key skills – within a very short space of time she can put someone at ease and engage in good ‘small talk’. Paul showed her around the shop, decorated with old record covers, old magazine front covers and general ‘past ages’ paraphernalia. The shop has some wonderful first or signed editions and should be the first place for enthusiastic book lovers to visit. If you have children do please come along since it’s a genuinely child friendly book shop selling not only children’s books but also toys – and there’s a squidgy sofa too to make them feel at home.

Camilla surprised everyone by suddenly producing a bag full of books for Paul to sell in the shop, causing interjections from those watching with “Oh I’ve read that”, and “Oh I’ve got that” – no doubt, bearing in mind from whence they came, these books will go for a premium in the shop.

Next stop was the Trinity Hospice Clothing shop – designer clothes, pashmina and cashmere scarves, men’s new shirts and evening dresses can be found here. Debbie Woodall the Manageress showed The Duchess around and introduced her to staff and volunteers. The introductions very quickly became relaxed and informal “And this is so and so, she/he works on a Tuesday” “Ah so you’re a Tuesday girl”. And to the next person, “… and are you a Wednesday person then?” and so on.

Having had a good look round she noticed two celebration mugs marking her marriage to Prince Charles – unusual and rather collectible since two cups had to be issued due to the Pope’s death on the original choice of wedding date. Hence two china mugs for the same occasion, just different dates.

Just as she was leaving she spied some special Trinity Hospice bears. Immediately picking one up she declared she must have five for her grandchildren. Sadly there were only four available, but she gamely declared that one would have to go without. And more gamely, the Lady in Waiting paid for them!

Trinity Hospice is a wonderful charity which gives care to people with advanced illnesses within their own homes or at a hospice. They currently look after about 750,000 people across London. The Duchess of Cornwall is their Patron.

If you would like to support Trinity, please donate your books, records, clothes or toys to the shops in Kensington Church St. To learn more about this charity please see www.trinityhospice.org.uk

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine





The Launch of ‘The Second Half Of Your Life Foundation’

The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea Councillor Mrs Julie Mills, together with Ruby Wax, Judith Owen and ex investment banker, Jill Shaw Ruddock launched ‘The Second Half of Your Life Foundation’ at the Town Hall.  The event was surprisingly relaxed but with a serious message. More older people than ever are living longer, but alone.  Loneliness and social isolation in the UK is at an all time high with some 300,000 pensioners not speaking to family or neighbours in a month.  This is nothing short of appalling. On the strength of her recent international best seller ‘The Second Half of Your Life’ and recognising that the over 50s should be entering the best phase of their lives, Jill decided to launch The Second Half Of Your Life Foundation.  The centre will be housed within St Charles NHS H0spital in North Kensington.  Mayor Julie Mills has selected this as one of her charities and has created a bursary programme from private donations throughout the borough to ensure the underprivileged can attend either a full morning or afternoon of activities, plus a meal for a nominal fee of £2.00. The centre is appropriately sited in North Kensington, which has the unfortunate stigma of being one of the most deprived areas in London.  Loneliness is not class based, and the purpose of the Foundation is to provide a place for all over 50s whatever their background, to come together – share a hobby, connect socially, learn new skills, and become psychologically and physically healthier. Workshops will be available on diverse subjects such as: how to set up your own business, jewellery making, Bridge, current affairs, art for fun and learning, computers (emailing, internet and social networking) and a book club.  Physical exercise, diet and mental health will also be addressed by way of lecture series and excise classes.

For a long time now I have been concerned with the lack of social integration provided in the area and The Second Half of Your Life Foundation really addresses this.  In addition to funding ( for example £50 will enable one person to enjoy 2 activities and one meal everyday for one week), they are also looking for Patrons and volunteers to help give professional advise and assistance on the workshops.  The centre will be available for men and women and once established, it is hoped to replicate this throughout other boroughs in the UK.  If the energy from those who attended the launch was anything to go by, there is little doubt this centre will not be a success and in years to come we will wonder why it took so long to simply provide something like this for our ‘older’ members of the community who still have to much to offer, and who, should be entering the best second half of their lives.

As Ruddock says, “Of course we have to age, but we do not have to grow old.  How we grow old, we can control”.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact Jill Shaw Ruddock on jill@secondhalffoundation.com

Image:  Ruby Wax and Jill Shaw Ruddock in conversation

Image by kind courtesy: David Tett