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Chocolate Extravaganza at The Royal Garden Hotel

Last night saw 15 very excited children of all ages, learning about chocolate, how to decorate Easter Eggs, and prepare truffles (elegantly) as presents to mothers for Mother’s Day.  Chefs Steve, Nick and Tracy took turns to explain how everything was done, the importance of heat, how to make chocolate cigarettes, fancy flower designs and the purpose of ‘temporing’.  Having indulged in a very chocolate-y milk shake and with their newly acquired skills they donned special (tiny) Royal Garden ‘Chef for the Day’ aprons and set to.  The results were mixed.  However, it is only fair to say every child tried very hard and each was delighted with their (varying) results.  Chocolate was everywhere and a good deal was eaten.  Decorated eggs were then carefully placed in large bags and truffles (sets of 12) were delicately placed in gold presentation boxes (complete with chocolate handprints) for Sunday.  The children then moved on to the main dining room to experience (more) chocolate, beautifully presented by the waitering staff.  The other diners in the restaurant looked rather bemused at a formal table of 15 whose vocal abilities had suddenly declined into muted silence, appreciating yet more chcolate with no mums saying ‘that’s enough now, no more’.

Images and copyright:  Lucy M Elliott/Lucy Elliott Photography

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The Kensington Magazine’s (new) Corporate Video Shoot

On a fine Friday morning with the first signs of spring we went to the Milestone Hotel to shoot our new corporate video.  Shot by Ian Gibbons of Panvista Productions, my career in acting commenced.  We started with a ‘look straight to the camera’ approach, but my acting abilities are limited. Catherine from The Milestone, clearly more adept at acting than myself, joined us to give a client’s perspective. Fresh from her role on the about-to-be-on TV programme (to be shown on 28th March) she was able to ‘look into the camera’ with great effectiveness.  On Ian’s advice we then re-shot my part, as though ‘in conversation’ with Catherine which made it much easier.  Ian, being incredibly thorough, had us acting out conversations, meetings, contracts and sipping tea and coffee, just to ensure he had a balance of what The Kensington Magazine is all about.  We then moved to film our offices in Dryland based in Kensington High St.   The video should be out in the next couple of weeks.

Many thanks to both the Milestone Hotel for allowing us to film in this beautiful hotel and to Ian for his dedication to making, what we hope, is a tremendous video encapsulating all aspects of The Kensington Magazine.

www.milestonehotel.com    www.panvistaproductions.co.uk   www.dryland.com


Jaime Winstone sits for sculpture

Jaime Winstone, the young actress who already has several films to her name (e.g. Kiduldhood, Bullet Boy, Totally Frank and Goldplated),  sat at the Calken Gallery to pose for Royal Academy-trained and Landsdeer Prize-winning sculptor, Michael Talbot.  In addition to Jaime, Sir Malcolm Rifkind has already ‘sat’, and there will be others in the near future, culminating in an exhibition at the Calken Gallery later this year.  Jaime  clearly enjoying the session made a model sitter.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott www.lucyelliottphotography.com


Bronze Head for Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Sir Malcolm recently attended the Calken Gallery in Kensington Church St. to pose for a live portrait sitting.  Once the sculpture is completed by Michael Talbot, it will be caste in bronze.  The life size sculpture will be exhibited at the Gallery as part of their ‘Prominent People in Kensington’ exhibition.  During the sitting, Sir Malcolm took a call from The Times (on and off the record) to discuss matters relating to the Leveson Inquiry.  History in the making.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/www.lucyelliottphotography.com


Calken Gallery, 117 Kensington Church St. London W 7LN  www.calkengallery.com


English National Ballet dancers provide grace and elegance at the switching on of the Milestone Hotel’s Christmas Lights

The second ‘Switching on’ of the Christmas Lights at the Milestone Hotel took, place this week. Local children accompanied by parents attended, with members (Becky Cooke and Alicia Tolchinsky) of the Natalia Kremen Ballet School performing in the Windsor Suite. Three members of the English National Ballet (Anjuli Hudson, Kerry Birkett and Stina Quagebeur) looked beautiful in their ‘Nutcracker’ costumes. Indeed when they entered the Windsor Suite, there was an instant hush. The dancers then accompanied by Mrs Tollman, owner of the Red Carnation Hotel, went to the balcony of the Prince Albert Suite, overlooking Kensington high St. to switch on the lights, after the obligatory countdown led by Andrew Pike, manager of The Milestone Hotel. It is quite clear this is an annual event in the Kensington calender and already people were talking about next year!

Images: Lucy Elliott/www.lucyelliottphotography.com
Copyright: The Milestone Hotel/www.themilestonehotel.com



The New Holland Park School

The new Holland Park School has both the X Factor and the Wow Factor, of that there is absolutely no doubt.  The design and internal layout has been very carefully thought out.  In vision it reminded me of the airport at Singapore.  All I can think is those very very lucky children who are going to spend their formative years in such inspirational surroundings.  Every detail, from iMacs to specially designed furniture in maple, to mixed gender loos, to a competitive 25 metre swimming pool, to mesh and copper frontages, to a 1950s style American diner canteen.  They will have it all.

Colin Hall, the Headmaster, absolutely brimming with enthusiasm (and quite rightly, pride), cannot wait for the 19th November when the pupils transfer formally from the ‘old school’ to the new.

The building of the school has not been without controversy, but with time, and once residents get to see the building for themselves I hope they will forget the inconvenience and the wrangle it caused.  The result of such a beautiful building, will surely inspire everyone, but particularly  those who do not come from wealthy backgrounds, that they can achieve anything.

The building is mostly glass, giving a huge sense of light and space despite its housing some 1350 pupils.  To my mind the beautiful bespoke new tables and chairs just waited for some graffiti in traditional school style, particularly on such a momentous occasion ‘i woz ere 19.11.12’ but Colin is quite confident and spoke with pride that his pupils appreciate nice things and that the furniture, well made and very strong, will last for years and years.  The external of the building to the East and West are clad in copper and mesh creating a fluid feeling and one reflecting the nearby trees from either the park or gardens.

The sports grounds available to pupils are larger and better than was previously available  and the sports hall dug deep into the basement is huge – Colin anticipates the standard of games, as well as enthusiasm for sport in general going up dramatically.  And good news for local residents, there are plans in the future to allow local community groups to use the swimming pool and sports hall.

I can only imagine that the school with its classrooms, so light and airy will inspire future generations of pupils to aim higher than they could have ever dreamed.  This is inclusive society at its very best.

Images and copyright:  Lucy Elliott, www.lucyelliottphotography.com


Chocolate Fest at the Royal Garden Hotel to celebrate Chocolate Week

What is it about chocolate that everyone loves a little piece? From the white milky bar kid to ‘… all because the lady loves ….’white, milk or dark chocolate. A recent evening at the Park Terrace Restaurant at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington proved that chocolate in whatever guise, Easter egg, truffle, filled with gnache, or produced as a hot chocolate soufflé still has that allure that most cannot deny.

In front of their chocaholic audience, the two chefs, Head Chef Steve Munkley and Pastry Chef Nick Hollands demonstrated (in many examples) a ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ to show how easy it is to make chocolate cases, Easter eggs, chocolate sauce, chocolate ribbons to decorate Easter eggs or extremely fragile stick chocolate lattices (actually, like most things in life, once you were shown how to do this, it was remarkably easy – but since this was not the Generation Game and we didn’t actually have to do anything apart from eat, I can say this with confidence). As suspected there is a chocolate which could be deemed ‘good for you’ and that is the dark chocolate, especially the 100%, due to the lower sugar content. The worst for you, (with apologies to the Milky Bar Kid) is the white chocolate as too much sugar is added. The stronger the cocoa percentage the better for you.
After our 1.5 hours of instruction on all things chocolate we went through to the dining room for our four course chocolate extravaganza. This comprised …..yes, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. This was definitely not the place for the diabetic. Fabulous evening as it was, I did wonder if it should come with a hotel health warning – ‘not suitable for those with high regard for insulin levels, or those intending to fit into a wedding dress in the near future. For everyone else, this evening is highly recommended’.

The courses comprised Milk Chocolate Parfait, Raspberry and Chocolate Macaroon; White Chocolate and Coffee Tart with marbled Chocolate Ice-cream; Dark Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Flake and Orange Mascarpone and the most sublime Hot Chocolate Soufflé with warm Cherry Bakewell. I had this years ago at Reids Hotel in Madeira, and have never found another which came close, but on this occasion it reminded me of that glorious evening many years ago.

I hope the Royal Garden Hotel repeats this chocolate extravaganza event – the chefs, extremely experienced and willing to share their professional tips were excellent as a double act, the audience who started the evening upon arrival with one of the strongest chocolate cocktails I’ve ever tasted, all thoroughly enjoyed both the presentation and the dinner afterwards.

Chocolates are not just for Valentines – as was (apparently) proved by Casanova who preferred chocolate to champagne. Eat your heart out Charlie.

The Chocolate Dessert menu is available in Park Terrace Restaurant until the 14th October for dinner only.
Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT
www.royalgardenhotel.co.uk / 020 7937 8000

Images & copyright:  Lucy Elliott, www.lucyelliottphotography.com




Prince Edward pulls a pint at The Churchill Arms

HRH Prince Edward visited The Churchill Arms in Kensington Church St. as part of his tour as Patron of The Garden Society. Accompanied by the Mayor and Mayoress of Kensington & Chelsea, Councillor Christopher Buckmaster and Ann Hobson, the Prince admired the florally decorated pub and congratulated Reyes Diaz of City Plant Displays Ltd on his handiwork. The Landlord, Gerry rightly proud of his business has been asked by The Garden Society not to enter his pub for the annual award in order to let others have a chance to win!
The Prince was then shown inside and gamely pulled a pint, noting that in her time, his Grandmother had also pulled a pint or two. Gerry explained that the back of the pub, when he first took over the pub some 25 years ago was a garage, and is now a very successful and well known Thai Restaurant. The Prince met members of the Thai family who operate the restaurant and received a basket of vegetables from the Mayor on behalf of local schoolchildren. The Prince appeared to be enjoying himself tremendously and certainly for those visiting the pub, residents and locals his visit cheered up a rather wet and soggy afternoon.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott – The Kensington Magazine



The Draycott Nursing & Care 15th Anniversary Party at The Orangery, Holland Park

Angela Hamlin, MD and founder of Draycott Nursing & Care celebrated her 15th Anniversary with a wonderful party at The Orangery in Holland Park. Blessed by a fantastic summer’s evening, guests were treated to cocktails, champagne and never ending canapes as well as inegenious poetry – made up on the spot and relevant to any three words (nouns, verbs or adjectives) you cared to chose. Characteristically generous of Angela, she chose to use the occasion as a means of raising awareness of Canine Partners, a wonderful (and very small charity) which helps disabled people lead a full and active life by training dogs to assist them in everyday situations. We watched as dogs picked up ventolin inhalers and five pence pieces from the floor, took washing out of the machine and helped undress someone. Equally generous were some of the guests with a total of £9,495.00 being raised on the night through raffle tickets and on the spur of the moment auction of some of the raffle prizes. The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Councillor Christopher Buckmaster was in attendance with the Mayoress, Ann Hobson. We wish Angela and her team every success for the next fifteen years.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine

http://www.thekensingtonmagazine.com/  www.draycottnursing.co.uk   www.caninepartners.org.uk 


Miller of Kensington celebrate 25 years in Stratford Road

Mohamed el Banna, owner of Miller of Kensington celebrated being in Stratford Road for 25 years with a large street party. Young and old, all nationalities, residents and businesses joined in, danced, chatted or took photographs. The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Councillor Julie Mills popped along for an impromptu dance on the pavement, toddlers organised their own dance routine (of a fashion) and Eight Ray provided the music. It was a wonderful afternoon sponsored by local businesses, Kensington Design, Fait Maison, La Piccolo Dely, Chez Patrick, The Garden Basket, Minx and of course Mohamed whom we wish every success for another 25 great years in the neighborhood.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine