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Abingdon Road Jubilee Street Party

With no rain drops in sight, just jolly bunting, excited children and smoky burgers, some 1,800 local residents enjoyed a one-off Jubilee Party in the Abingdon Road. Supported by Strutt & Parker and W8 Catering, organisers Jenny Botsford, Sarah Pascall, Councillor James Husband, Christina Munday, and Kate Greenwood put on a wonderful evening. A real party atmosphere with everyone declaring how wonderful it was (and somewhat wishing we could celebrate rather more often than the occasion lends itself to).
In some ways this was a re-enactment of the Golden Jubilee Party held ten years ago with1,000 residents. How things have changed. This time we had internet, facebook and twitter to alert the neighbours. We had young children dressed as the Queen, in her regal outfit, her country outfit or her garden party look. Prizes were awarded to three youngsters (sporting the above given look) by the Mayor of RBKC, Councillor Christopher Buckmaster and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Lady Borwick and the Mayoress, Ann Hobson.  Such a shame we have to wait another ten years for an excuse for such a right-royal knees up.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine

The Draycott Nursing & Care 15th Anniversary Party at The Orangery, Holland Park

Angela Hamlin, MD and founder of Draycott Nursing & Care celebrated her 15th Anniversary with a wonderful party at The Orangery in Holland Park. Blessed by a fantastic summer’s evening, guests were treated to cocktails, champagne and never ending canapes as well as inegenious poetry – made up on the spot and relevant to any three words (nouns, verbs or adjectives) you cared to chose. Characteristically generous of Angela, she chose to use the occasion as a means of raising awareness of Canine Partners, a wonderful (and very small charity) which helps disabled people lead a full and active life by training dogs to assist them in everyday situations. We watched as dogs picked up ventolin inhalers and five pence pieces from the floor, took washing out of the machine and helped undress someone. Equally generous were some of the guests with a total of £9,495.00 being raised on the night through raffle tickets and on the spur of the moment auction of some of the raffle prizes. The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Councillor Christopher Buckmaster was in attendance with the Mayoress, Ann Hobson. We wish Angela and her team every success for the next fifteen years.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine

http://www.thekensingtonmagazine.com/  www.draycottnursing.co.uk   www.caninepartners.org.uk 


Miller of Kensington celebrate 25 years in Stratford Road

Mohamed el Banna, owner of Miller of Kensington celebrated being in Stratford Road for 25 years with a large street party. Young and old, all nationalities, residents and businesses joined in, danced, chatted or took photographs. The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Councillor Julie Mills popped along for an impromptu dance on the pavement, toddlers organised their own dance routine (of a fashion) and Eight Ray provided the music. It was a wonderful afternoon sponsored by local businesses, Kensington Design, Fait Maison, La Piccolo Dely, Chez Patrick, The Garden Basket, Minx and of course Mohamed whom we wish every success for another 25 great years in the neighborhood.

Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine



‘Meet your Neighbour’ Event at The Milestone Hotel

For some years now The Kensington Magazine and The Milestone Hotel have collaborated to hold a ‘Meet your Neighbour’ event where local residents have an opportunity to meet each other. It must be the only event where people can walk up to each other and ask ‘so where do you live’ and its not a chat up line! This event is extremely popular and shows no signs of abating. A wondeful opportunity and the only one of its kind in Kensington.


Images and copyright: Lucy Elliott The Kensington Magazine


The Kensington Magazine celebrates 5 years with a Party at The Roof Gardens

A sure sign of a good party is when your mother wakes up the next morning and demands Neurofen! The Roof Gardens hosted a wonderful party to celebrate our Fifth Anniversary. The champagne flowed, the Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea spoke and the even the flamingos flaunced their stuff. Residents, clients, friends and family all helped to make this an occasion to remember. Roll on the 10th Anniversary!  (written by Lucy Elliott)

Lucy’s party on 11th April celebrating The Kensington Magazine’s fifth anniversary was a glorious and glamorous affair, given in the Roof Gardens. A truly British celebration with mini portions of fish and chips, baby beef-burgers and sticky-toffee puddings and the champagne flowed freely.  It always has up there.  In the early 1930s,when the Roof Gardens were first planted, my husband’s grandmother, Lady Perry-Robinson loved to open them with the Mayor of Kensington, as a major event of the London Season. It was no surprise that at Lucy’s party the current Mayor,Councillor Julie Mills, enthused publicly about how the magazine has bound us all as a community. Pink as the flamingoes on the pond, Lucy seemed overwhelmed by the praise. Most of us simply agreed with the Mayor!  (written by Maria Perry.  A fuller version of her account will appear  in the May edition)



Images:  with thanks to Tom Elliott

The lighting up of the Christmas Lights at the Milestone Hotel

Great excitement as children (very special ones, as they had all written for the magazine) held their breath, counted down from ten, and then watched Julian Fellowes press the ‘detonator’ to turn on the lights.

No this wasn’t Oxford Street, but closer to home at the wonderful Milestone Hotel where locals (rather specially chosen as writers or clients of the magazine or residents) mixed and mingled as Lord Fellowes and his wife arrived to set the ‘detonator’ for the Christmas lights.  Sadly for most who’d hoped for a chat with Fellowes this wasn’t to be which was a shame since Downton Abbey has clearly been the winner on TV for the past couple of years (OK Spooks comes a close second, so for recent weeks Sunday evening was a delicious in-house entertainment of drama – taking on the country and drama – of the country taking on class).

Back to the Milestone. This is clearly a hotel who know how to party – mulled wine, mince pies, attentive service, a glorious festively decked out hotel frontage, and of course the children. Well apart from The Kensington Hotel holding classes in teaching children how to sit at the table properly having their ‘afternoon tea’ hotels in Kensington are not particularly renowned for being child friendly. However, the Milestone is an exception and surpassed themselves; children were given chocolates and their own (rather lovely) Milestone Teddy Bear. They were allowed to run around (we had one very tiny one) and the others shook hands very seriously on being introduced, and bearing in mind these were all aspiring authors, were delighted to have their photograph taken with Lord Fellowes on the steps of the Hotel.

This is the first ‘Turning on the Christmas Lights’ at the Milestone and they hope to turn this into an annual event. In the absence of anything else official in its place, the Milestone can’t fail, and this is bound to turn into one of the most sought after invites in the calender year in Kensington (particularly for the children who have written for the magazine!)

Images and images copyright: by kind courtesy of The Milestone Hotel




Piers, Marco and The Hansom Cab

Kensington has always attracted celebs – with its nice houses, good shopping and cultural advantage. But now the stakes are raised with the relaunch of The Hansom Cab in the Earls Court Road. A Victorian hostelry very much in the 21st Century. Co-owned by Piers Morgan and Tarquin Gorst (also co-owner of The Punchbowl in Mayfair, the Rainbow Inn in Lewes), Rupert Morgan (brother of) will be running it. If the re-launch party was anything to go by, those who love star spotting will be in their element. Centrally placed in a residential area, this is bound to become home to many local well known faces. Last night was more a case of spot the non-celeb…. so for those of you who want to know – drinking champagne or trying out The Governor’s Beer with nibbles prepared by Marco Pierre White from the Oyster Bar or the Rib Room, were former Sun Editor, Kelvin MacKenzie, and his brother Craig, Frank Lampard and his girlfriend Christine Bleakley, Mylene Klass, Peter Jones the Dragon, Emily Maitlis, Kelly Hoppen and Nancy Dell’Olio. There were others but this is for starters….

Image: Piers Morgan and Marco Pierre White

Image: Copyright Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine

Thackeray Street Family Street Party: Sunday 18 September 2011

Thackeray Street Party organised by the Kensington Court Residents Association is a wonderful example of local businesses and residents getting together to enjoy a marvellous Sunday afternoon family party.
Fantastic food from Otteomezzo, Montparnasse Cafe and a Sausage Sizzle sponsored by Gallery 19; The Builder’s Arms provided drinks; Lumina and Thackerays sponsored the music; The Milestone Hotel sponsored the children’s activities with General Manager Andrew Pike on hand judging the colouring competition; Kall Kwik provided the invitations and the KCRA committee with some local residents responsible for the organisation.
Many local businesses and retailers were very generous with raffle donations and proceeds raised will again go to the Knightsbridge Group of Riding for the Disabled. Although the rain poured exactly at 5.00 pm. (the start time), it gave way to a nice sunny evening, and the turnout was tremendous.  Congratulations to all involved for a most successful family street party.
Images: Copyright Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine

Cherry Trees Summer Party

This was the last of the Cherry Trees Summer Parties.  A great occasion to get together and meet friends and neighbours.  Who says Kensington isn’t a friendly place?  Initiatives like this and the Thackeray Street Party are great examples of how much local communities can get together. Thanks go to the Chair, Charles Penney, his wife and many other helpers who provided nibbles and logistics. Wine, again with thanks, was provided by Huntsworth in Kensington Church St.

Main topic of conversation – would the weather hold?  Which indeed it did, somewhat miraculously. The Cherry Trees Residents Association is a thriving Association concerned with the well-being of our locality, from street lighting to onerous planning applications.

Image copyright:  Lucy Elliott/The Kensington Magazine


Rifat Ozbek launches ‘Yastik’ in Holland St. W8

Turkish Fashion Designer Rifat Ozbek opened his third boutique yesterday, not, surprisingly, for fashion, but for his beautiful and eclectic range of embroidered cushions.  This is his first boutique in the UK, the other two being in Ismir and Istanbul.  Here in Kensington, in Holland Street famed for his ’boutiquey’ and individual style, you can find ‘Yastik’.  Rifat’s minimalist white walled – soft lit gallery.  More art gallery than boutique, his extensive range of cushions adorn the walls, as if in a library.

Rifat sells exclusively luxury cushions – hundreds of them in varying hues of colours and fabrics.   Antique fabrics such as velvets, Ikats and Suzanis are used and are sourced from mainly Turkey and South Asia, as are the embroideries used.  Yastik house a collection of  some 150 cushions, with a hundred designs and are available as limited editions.  So with such a range it would be impossible not to find one to suit you and to add a splash of colour and texture to your home.   As a testament to this, Manolo Blahnik at the launch party was overheard to say, ‘oh dear and so much choice, what am I do to’.  He solved the problem by buying three large ‘Yastik’ limited edition cushions! www.thekensingtonmagazine.com

Images: copyright The Kensington Magazine (with the exception of image marked with an *)

Top row left to right:  Rifat Ozbek. Rifat with Erdal Karaman and Asli Bohane*.

Second Row:  Robin & Lucy Birley with Manola Blahnik.  Fenton Bailey & friend

Third Row:  Team at Rebecca Willer.  Fourth Row:  Sarah Giles and Manola Blahnik.  Fifth Row:  Ninivah Khomo and daughter

Sixth Row:  Lucy Birley.  Steve Willan, Nick Bohane & friend