The Launch of ‘Gardening Leave’ at Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea

Gardening Leave is a small charity, founded by Anna Baker Cresswell in 2007.   It provides a safe haven for ex-Service personnel by offering Horticultural Therapy in walled gardens .   The safety of the garden, i.e. walled in structure is particularly important since most of the veterans visiting the garden suffer from hypervigilance as a result of their time in active service.   This means they live on their live on their nerves and constantly look over their shoulders.  Hence in a walled garden there are no nasty surprises, and gradually with time, the veterans learn to relax in this environment.    This is the third Garden Leave Garden and the first in England.

The new garden was officially opened by Ben Fogle, just back from his trip with Prince Harry in the Arctic (and perhaps a little more used to adventure and exploration than planting trees!) and CEO Anna Baker Cresswell and in the presence of the Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Councillor James Husband.

To find out more about this charity, please see www.gardeningleave.org or call 01292 521444


Images Lucy Elliott
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