BBC TV Presenter Simon Reeve at Kuoni in Kensington

Recently Kuoni in Kensington High St. hosted an evening with Simon Reeve for residents and friends to meet him and learn more about his recent travels for the BBC programme ‘Indian Ocean’. The evening was informal and very relaxed, Simon is charismatic and down to earth, even to the description of how in Mogadishu (the most dangerous city on earth) he had to wear special shrapnel protective boxers. His knowledge of sustainable development is enormous and he is passionate about it, e.g. pointing out that we should not be overly critical of other countries with a heavy deforestation programme, since we only have to look at the UK to see we too have lost many of our forests. Kuoni were extremely generous with the champagne and nibbles, Simon an excellent and most informative talker – a combination of which is bound to have encouraged some on the night to sign up for the more exotic trips Kuoni offer (without the camera crew of course).

Images and copyright: Lucy M Elliott, The Kensington Magazine

Image of Lucy and Simon:  Kind courtesy Kuoni