Mayor Launches ‘Magic Wand Appeal’ to help Brain Tumour Research Campaign

The Mayor’s Charitable Appeal this year is for the ‘Magic Wand Appeal’. No The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Cllr Christopher Buckmaster is not looking for fairies or princesses but rather residents of Kensington & Chelsea who feel strongly enough to give to the Brain Tumour Research Campaign to raise funds for research and £250,000 to fund a SonoWand; a vital piece of state-of-the art neuro navigational system enabling surgeons to operate on the brain tumour more accurately and thus giving patients a higher chance of survival.

At a press launch today, the Mayor together with Wendy Fulcher (who established the Brain Tumour Research Campaign) and Mr Kevin O’Neill (consultant Neurosurgeon at Charing Cross) explained how this money was desperately needed to provide another machine at Imperial College’s Charing Cross Hospital. Over 2500 people in London have brain tumours and would hugely benefit from the kind of surgery offered by the SonaWand and which is safer than previous methods of surgery. The rate of brain cancer is increasing by an enormous 2% each year, yet less than 2% of national research funds go to brain tumour research or treatment.

The Mayor and Mayoress will be holding various events throughout the Borough until the end of his Mayoral term, from dinner parties to dog shows, from carol concerts and Beauty Days to lunch with Sebastian Faulks – all to raise funds and awareness about brain tumours which is the commonest cause of cancer death in children under fifteen, and is the second fastest growing cause of cancer death in adults over 65.

If you would like to support The Magic Wand Appeal, please see www.wayahead-btrc.org/ways-to-donate or call 020 8601 2402. If you are a UK tax payer, the charity can benefit from a further 25% Gift Aid.

To find out more about the forthcoming events please see www.rbkc.org.uk/mayor/charityevents

Images and copyright:  Lucy Elliott, www.lucyelliottphotography.com