Sadly Kensington doesn’t put on a public pyromaniacs delight for Fireworks, so we went to a friends flat in a large garden square in Maida Vale. A fantastic display accompanied by the requisite ooohs and aaaahs from both children and adults alike. It’s the one evening where adults can legitimately pretend to be children again (albeit with a flask of whiskey rather than coke).

The First Ever Kensington Court’s Resident Association Street Party

On a rather wet, dark and soggy Sunday afternoon in mid September, the residents, retailers and restauranteurs of Thackeray Street and close by got together to produce a great party for the local residents. Tiny babies, teeny tots to teens, and some with the advantage of the wisdom of many years, all joined in. Not necessarily to dance in time to the jazz which was playing but it certainly bought the crowds in.  In all about 250 souls braved the drizzle, ate sandwiches, bowles of pasta, tried out truffles and tasted wee drams of 100% hot thick chocolate.  As all parties should be everyone ate, drank, and were generally merry.  It was lovely to see residents, many of whom had never met each other, chatting away in a most convivial manner. And not many parties can lay claim to hosting the great great great great grand niece of William Thackeray too.  Anouska Ritchie settled into her role as minor celebrity for the evening!

Local businesses had been extremely generous with raffle prizes, and the money raised by the event is going towards the Knightsbridge Group Riding  for the Disabled (run by local resident Marion Hahn), and the Kensington Court Residents Fund. To my mind a sign of a good party is not only the time they depart, but I generally think if they stay around for another hour, in the pouring rain (by this time) most stoically accompanied by umbrellas, it must have been a success. Many congratulations to Sandra and Alex of Gallery 19, to John Gau, Chair of the Kensington Court Residents Association and to everyone else who made this First Kensington Court’s Residents Association Street party such a success. Even the children were asking when was the next one going to be…   (www.thekensingtonmagazine.com)

The Kensington Magazine & The Milestone Hotel “Meet Your Neighbour” Event April 15

This was our fourth “Meet your Neighbour” event held at the prestigious Milestone Hotel.  And what an evening it was!  About 50 people from all around Kensington enjoyed copious amounts of champagne and canapes, had a lovely time getting to know each other and many contacts were made.  Andrew Pike the General Manager said he was delighted to work in collaboration with the Magazine and as a result it had bought in local custom to the hotel.  As a testament to this, the Editor and her fiance will be holding their wedding reception there in December, and another local lady will be holding her 40th there in June.  Many other residents are now enjoying dinners and tea there…. a great hotel, not at all stuffy, truly professional, and they really know how to lay on a party.  Already we’ve had loads of emails and phone calls from residents saying how much they enjoyed the evening.