Prince Harry Reviews the Chelsea Pensioners’ Founders Day – June 9th

This morning HRH Prince Harry, looking splendid in his Household Cavalry Blues and Royals uniform, admitted to being somewhat nervous as he inspected the Chelsea Pensioners at their annual Founders Day Parade. The In-Pensioners enjoyed his visit and the Prince smiling away seemed to be most at ease with them. One Chelsea Pensioner, Joe Britton has been at Royal Hospital Road for 17 years and will be 100 in October, had a long chat with him. (We also had a chat with Joe but we don’t expect he told Harry that he was on ‘Deal or No Deal’ in 1997 and won £20,000). Prince Harry is the first serving officer to review the event since HRH The Duke of Kent did so in 1974.

Those Pensioners, who were able, marched past Prince Harry, saluting with the hand furthest away from His Royal Highness – a custom dating back to when knights in armour saluted by lifting their visors to show their identity with whichever hand did not hide their face. The average age of those filing past Prince Harry was 82 – a fact that did not escape him as he commented that he was impressed to see they marched better in rank that his brother did!

Images: Lucy Elliott

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