Kensington Court Resident’s Association Street Party

For once the sun shone! This was the third Kensington Court Resident’s Association Street Party – each year the organisers state with pure conviction that the next one will be even better, and this proved the case. More local businesses not only supported the event with generous sponsorship/raffle prizes, but actually took part. So the gentlemen from The Milestone Hotel beautifully decked out in Green and Gold spurred us on to guess the number of eggs used at the hotel in a week; Gordon from Gallery 19 sizzled his sausages; Emidio from Locanda Otteomezzo carved risotto out from the centre of a huge cheese, Cote had a stall, regularly replenished by a trolley from the restaurant and children either played on the fire engine provided by the local fire brigade or were entertained by food and activities on the ‘Kids Korner’ organised by Susie Gau.  Huge numbers of locals, the elderly, families, couples and dogs attended, chatted, jigged to jazz, had arms or nails painted by Valentino staff, tasted samples from the Kensington Kitchen, Café Montparnasse and enjoyed drink provided by the Builder’s Arms.  Congratulations to Sophie Ibrahim who won the under 5′s art competition and Sofia Barker, the over 5′s.   This event is certainly now on the Kensington Calendar. Funds raised through the generosity of the residents and businesses go to the Knightsbridge branch of Riding for the Disabled – a wonderful charity allowing children with differing levels of disability the opportunity to flourish. Many are involved in this but particular thanks to the two major sponsors Thackerays, the local estate agent and Lumina who sponsored the music (a vital ingredient to the success of the party), whilst Babylon/The Roof Gardens backed the party.  Huge thanks must also go to Sandra French who organised the event, Susie Gau, Alex French, Marion Hahn, Sally Cooper, Yvonne Wurtzburg, Penny Coulten, David Griffiths, Tim Douglas, Mike Gee, Cheryll Davies, Susannah Rodgers, Emma Hagestadt and Carrie-Ann Huddleston.  The firemen were from the White Watch Kensington Station of the London Fire Brigade.  Local businesses who generously donated prizes for the raffle were Arcadia, Cote, Gallery 19, eMotion Health Club, Imenio, Le Pain Quotidien, the London School of Painting and Drawing, The Milestone Hotel (who also organised the Art Prize), Montparnasse Cafe, Kall Kwik, the Thackeray Gallery, Pomegranate and Valentino.  And not least thanks to John Gau, Chair of the Kensington Residents Association!

Images and copyright:  Lucy Elliott/www.lucyelliottphotography.com





London Open Squares Weekend Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June 2011

Now is your chance to see those wonderful bits of Kensington you don’t normally have access to.

Open to the public for this weekend only are:
Kensington Square (Sun 13.00 – 17.00); The Roof Gardens (Sunday 08.00 – 11.00); Iverna Gardens (Sun 10.00 – 17.00); Lexham Gardens (Sat 10.00 – 17.00); Cornwall Gardens (Sun 10.00 – 17.00); and lastly a real experience, but I’m afraid only available to those who have already booked, Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace (Sat. 10.30 – 14.30)

In total there are some 214 gardens across London which will be open this weekend (117 exclusively for this event). One ticket £7.50 gains access to all (with the exception of Kensington Palace and Wormwood Scrubs). To find out more see www.capitalgardens.co.uk, or call 020 8347 3230.

Have a wonderful time!

Images below have been taken over the past few years and are from Lexham Gardens, The Roof Gardens or Kensington Square (incidentally Kensington Square was one of the earliest Squares in London, dating from the 17th Century and many famous people have resided here – the garden is also famous for it’s Hanky Tree, but please don’t expect to see this in bloom as it’s the wrong time of year – however it’s definately worth visiting this Square.  Bill and Ben are the famous flamingos  at the Roof Gardens, before Posh and Pecks joined them a few years later!  The horse resides in Lexham Square).


Images Lucy Elliott
Copyright: The Kensington Magazine

Adventure in W8: Abseiling from the Roof Gardens

Today eight intrepid folk from Kensington’s networking group, BNI Kensington, abseiled from the Roof Gardens in a bid to raise money for Elizabeth Finn, a charity devoted to helping to alleviate poverty. Sam Branson (son of) led the way, looking very confident. He is however, apparently, used to rock climbing. Some of the others though clearly were not. Emotions ranged from very confident – ‘I’m just going for a quick sail down to M&S’, to others who were truly terrified. Legs shaking. My legs were also shaking, being a further one storey up from the abseilers and let me tell you, this is a tall building – amazing views over Kensington, but the expressions on their faces were equally amazing……

Raising money from BNI Kensington were Jo Eccles (legs really were shaking), Tom Simnet and Jason Cobine (joking with SB), Mike Kammerling, Matthew Woodthorpe (just checking to see how far down it was), Bernd Radashitzk, Andrew Lamont (interviewed by the press as he landed) and Karen Haller (interviewed/photographed by other local press).

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