The Kensington Magazine & The Milestone Hotel “Meet Your Neighbour” Event April 15

This was our fourth “Meet your Neighbour” event held at the prestigious Milestone Hotel.  And what an evening it was!  About 50 people from all around Kensington enjoyed copious amounts of champagne and canapes, had a lovely time getting to know each other and many contacts were made.  Andrew Pike the General Manager said he was delighted to work in collaboration with the Magazine and as a result it had bought in local custom to the hotel.  As a testament to this, the Editor and her fiance will be holding their wedding reception there in December, and another local lady will be holding her 40th there in June.  Many other residents are now enjoying dinners and tea there…. a great hotel, not at all stuffy, truly professional, and they really know how to lay on a party.  Already we’ve had loads of emails and phone calls from residents saying how much they enjoyed the evening.